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Created and performed by Artistic Co-Director Josh Martin, Brimming is a new solo investigating the body as a container: a rigid frame holding in and concealing its stored inner contents. The piece imagines the body as a hollow interior space continuously shaped and reshaped, filled and emptied, and inhabited through different states. A performer trapped inside his own form, the dance is a meeting of both the seen and unseen – the invisible contents that slosh up against the sides, pushing against the outer surface from beneath, and occasionally leaking under its pressure. Brimming explores this shape we are in, how it holds us, and what might eventually spill out when the walls begin to bend.

Duration: 50 minutes

Creation and Performance: Josh Martin
Creative Collaborators: Justine A. Chambers, Lisa Mariko Gelley & Maiko Yamamoto
Music: Ian William Craig & Matthew Tomkinson
Sound Design: Matthew Tomkinson
Lighting Design: James Proudfoot
Scenic Design: Josh Martin
Set Construction Coordination and Build: Paula Viitanen Aldazosa & Juan Carlos Aldazosa Bazúa
Video Direction / Stage Management: Jessica Han
Company 605 Managing Producer: Francesca Piscopo (Eponymous)
Camera Operators: Daniel Loan, Yasuhiro Okada & Gabriel Raminhos