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Mattie and Jia won’t give in to each other … even if it’s something as small as the cost of brunch. They take fighting for the bill at the end of the meal to a whole new level!

Official Selection

Queer Film Festival Oldenburg (2015)
Queersicht Filmfestival (2015)
Freiburger Lesbenfilmtage (2015, The Golden Tanna Best Short Film Award)
National Screen Institute Online Short Film Festival (2015)
Printemps lesbien de Toulouse festival (2015)
Festival Des Images Aux Mots (2015)
Florence Queer Festival (2014)
Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival (Cineffable 2014)
London Lesbian Film Festival(2014)
Melbourne Queer Film Festival (2014)
Entzaubert queer D.I.Y uncommercial film festival(Berlin, 2013)
Vancouver Queer Film Festival (2013, The Coast is Queer Award, OutTV Hot Pink Shorts Award, Gerry Brunet Memorial Award)
Female Eye Film Festival (2012)
Athens (Ohio) International Film + Video Festival (2012)
IlInt FilmFest (2011, Best International Comedy Short)
Montreal World Film Festival (2011)